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Why 3D Floor Mats Are A Great, Budget Friendly Option For Every Car

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours on your hands and knees vacuuming up all the pieces of sand, dirt and grime that attach themself to the fibres of your car's interior. For those with poor-fitting car floor mats, this is a semi-annual occurrence. The alternative to not vacuuming up these particles is to watch the inside of your car slowly decay and eventually you could see dirt and aggregate rubbing up against the actual chassis of the car, which could be much more serious and cost thousands to fix. Or you could get a great fitting floor mat that suits every car and not worry about this problem again,

Why 3D Floor Mats?

3D floor mats have several distinct advantages over any other type of car floor mat. They are individually made for the make and model of your car (meaning you get a great fit every time), they have far better grip strength and they don't cost an arm and a leg. 3D floor mats have a top layer that is mostly rubber, which means that it does not scuff like fabric alternatives. The bottom has a special adhesive-like quality due to a proprietary manufacturing process, which stops the mats from rolling around or getting displaced. Most 3D floor mat variants cost less than one hundred and twenty dollars (including passenger and backseat mats as well). 

What Specifically Do 3D Floor Mats Have Over The Competition That Makes Them Better?

Apart from just generally having a better build quality than most floor mats, 3D floor mats have a significant advantage: they have far bigger coverage with higher borders which trap more than just sand and dirt. Their coverage means that even if you open the car in a torrential downpour, which is not uncommon in Australia, the floor of your car will be protected. You could leave the car for days and the water wouldn't seep through and ruin the floor beneath. This is because 3D floor mats are moulded to the make and model of your car, which is why you should know exactly what car you have before placing an order.

Do 3D Floor Mats Have Anchor Points?

Some people prefer not having any of those hooks that traditionally kept at least the driver's floor mat in place. 3D floor mats offer two variants: those with hooks and those without hooks. While the ones with hooks are a little bit more secure, those without hooks will do the job to a very satisfactory level. This is all about personal preferences, and the makers of 3D floor mats recognise that not everyone likes the more intrusive look of floor hooks and give you the choice. 

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