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Four Essential Auto Services to Keep Your 4WD Tyres in Top Working Shape

Planning on doing a serious off-road excursion? 4WD touring is a popular pastime in Australia, thanks to the country's breathtaking off-road terrains. A lot of planning and preparation is required to make off-road trips with a 4x4 unforgettable. One of the essential components of your 4x4 that you should get checked before hitting the road is the tyres. 

Tyres require special attention because they are the primary point of contact between your vehicle and the road surface. Problems with the tyres can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere at the most inappropriate times. 

Here are some essential vehicle maintenance services that are offered by 4WD service centres to keep your 4x4s tyres in top working shape. 

1. Wheel Alignment Service

Did you get your wheels checked after completing your last 4WD tour? If you didn't, then your ride can benefit from wheel alignment service. The inclement off-road driving conditions can throw your 4WD vehicle's wheels out of alignment, thus affecting the drivability and safety of the vehicle but also accelerating the rate of tyre wear. 

Getting your wheels realigned will help to maximise the safety and performance of your vehicle but also prolong the lifespan of your tyres.  

2. Tyre Rotation Service

Even though they usually spin at the same rate, front and rear tyres on any vehicle are subject to different rolling, steering, and braking forces. As a result, they don't often wear out at the same rate.

On a 4x4, the tyres on the rears generally wear out faster than the front tyres. Simply swapping the rears with the front tyres can help to achieve a more uniform tread wear rate and longer overall tyre lifespan. 

Tyre rotation is only possible on tyres that still have sufficient tyre tread depth left.

3. Tyre Balancing Service

A wobbly sensation coming through the steering wheel when you're driving your 4x4 is an indication that the vehicle's tyres may have been thrown out of balance. Imbalanced tyres affect the safety of the vehicle and also hurt the quality of your ride.

To fix this problem, the wheel and tyres specialist at a 4WD service centre will use computerised auto diagnostic software to measure any imbalances in your vehicle's tyre-wheel assembly. They will then apply corrective weights to offset the imbalances. 

Well-balanced tyres are essential for ensuring a smooth ride and minimising the tyre wear rate. 

4. Tyre Fitment Service

If your tyres are inspected and found to be overly worn or unsuitable for your off-road touring, you may be advised to get them replaced. The tyre experts at 4WD service centres can help you choose the best tyres for the terrain you plan on touring.

Getting regular tyre check-ups is essential to keeping your tyres ready for 4WD driving. Visit a 4WD service centre near you for all your tyre servicing needs.