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Five Fantastic Benefits of 4WDing With a Off-Road Camper

With so many beautiful places to set up camp in Australia, 4WD camping makes for a perfect pastime for the adventurous at heart. There are a variety of ways to go 4x4 camping and the camping style you choose could make the difference between a good camping experience and a great one.

Camper trailers are the perfect camping style for off-road trips. Like 4x4s, these trailers are ruggedly designed and built to reach hard-to-get-to-spots. Check out five of the key advantages of off-road touring with a camper trailer.

1. Off-Road Campers Provide an Elevated Platform for Accommodation

One of the top benefits of camper trailers is that they eliminate the need to pitch a tent on the ground. Setting up a tent can be a burdensome task, as you'll have to find the perfect spot for the tent every time you move. Plus, nothing ruins the fun more than having to lay a tent on wet ground.

As campers provide an elevated platform for setting up a tent, they reduce the amount of time and energy required to create sleeping, resting, storage, and kitchen space. 

2. Off-Road Campers Are Generally Cheaper to Buy Than Caravans

A camper trailer is a big investment, but it can be considerably less expensive than a caravan. However, the cost of camper trailers varies depending on your requirements. The more non-standard features you'll need to be included in your trailer, the more it will cost you. 

3. Off-Road Campers Are Generally Easier and Cheaper to Tow Than Caravans

Due to their smaller size and lighter weight, camper trailers are considerably easier to pull than caravans. Of course, the real savings on fuel costs will depend on the total amount of weight that your tow vehicle will have to pull.

4. Off-Road Campers Can Provide a Considerable Amount of Space

Even though camper trailers don't provide as much space as caravans, they can provide enough space to suit your needs. Depending on the model you pick, a camper trailer can provide you with a bed to sleep on, space to store all the items you need for adventure, and an outdoor kitchen.

5. Off-Road Campers Give a More Alfresco Feel Than Caravans

Although caravans may provide more protection and comfort than camper trailers, the latter will make you feel more at one with Mother Nature. Since they normally have canvas roofing and sides and not a full auto body, camper trailers give a slightly wilder feel.

There are a variety of standard camper trailers in the market but you can always get something custom if you want. If you're convinced that a camper trailer is the best camping equipment for your 4wding, talk to a trailer builder about your needs for off-road campers.