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Single-Axle Trailer: Three Core Precautions for Promoting Weight Safety

If you are interested in acquiring a trailer, you should think about the benefits of the single-axle trailer. This design is simpler than the tandem, so it is less costly to acquire. Also, handling is much easier, making it a suitable choice for inexperienced drivers. In addition, this type of unit is economical in terms of fuel efficiency when towing. However, there is a drawback. The single-axle trailer design has a lower load-bearing capacity than its counterpart. Therefore, you must be keen on weight safety. Here are simple tips to help you ensure efficient towing with your new trailer.

Understand the Limits

It is important to check the technical specifications of your trailer before loading. Under normal circumstances, the maximum weight which can be handled should be taken into account when purchasing the trailer. This will ensure that the unit is suitable for the intended purpose. However, it is still important to ensure that anyone who will use the trailer is clear on the limits. The most important aspect to consider is the gross weight of the entire rig. In simple terms, you should not only look at the carrying capacity of the independent trailer. Think about the towing capacity of the vehicle, number of passengers and any other factor which might influence gross weight.

Avoid Uneven Loading

The performance and safety of your single-axle trailer will be influenced by your loading habits. In simple terms, if the items in the trailer are not placed in the space with proper consideration of the rig configuration, some problems could arise. For instance, if there is more weight on one side of the trailer, there might be more sway when navigating sharp corners. Also, more weight in the rear end of the trailer increases the risk of the hitch disconnecting. Therefore, you should evaluate your cargo before loading for uniform placement. Ensure that the two sides of the trailer have equal weight. In addition, always place a little more weight to the front than in the rear area.

Inspect the Trailer

Finally, you should note that the load capacity of a trailer can be influenced significantly by the wear of components. If the trailer parts are rusted or otherwise damaged, there will be a risk of breakdown. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a regular inspection session to identify problems which might have occurred due to general wear, road accidents or exposure to adverse conditions. You can avoid trailer failure by conducting the recommended maintenance and carrying out timely repairs.