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Top Features to Look for in Off-Road Floor Mats

Off-roaders eventually track mess back into the cabin of their 4WD vehicle. Therefore, floor mats are necessary accessories since they prevent faster wear of a car carpet. Notably, some off-roaders believe that all floor mats are the same; However, nothing could be further from the truth because off-road cars need special mats to withstand rough conditions. This article highlights essential features to look for in off-road car floor mats.

Deep Treads

If you are an off-roading enthusiast, you can get in and out of your truck several times to determine how best to maneuver out of a tight situation. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost because you end up carrying a lot of dirt back to your vehicle. Therefore, regular floor mats cannot handle the amount of dirt. You will be forced to remove the mats and shake debris off constantly, which can be frustrating and tiring. The best floor mats for off-road vehicles have deep treads, which allow dirt to sink. It means that the mats can handle the amount of soil you are likely to pick up while off-roading without interfering with your driving. Most important, it eliminates the need to dust off floor mats every few kilometres when you are out driving.

Retention Device

Off-roading can be vigorous, especially when operating car pedals. Therefore, your floor mats will keep moving out of position as you constantly shuffle your feet on the floor. Although regular floor mats are designed to stay in place, it is not enough for off-road vehicles. 4WD trucks need mats that guarantee stability regardless of how much you shuffle your feet. Therefore, look for floor mats with special retention devices. First, anti-slip retainers are screwed into a car carpet, then floor mats fitted using a peg-in-hole assembly. It gives you the freedom to move your feet without displacing a floor mat.

Contour Lines

Unless you are looking for custom-made floor mats, you might have to settle for off-the-shelf pieces. However, it does not mean that off-the-shelf floor mats will not fit in your truck. Nonetheless, you need to buy floor mats that allow you to cut off any excess material for a flush fit. Floor mats with contour lines are the best choice since they enable an off-roader to trim parts based on their car's configuration. All you have to do is mark sections of a mat that do not fit on your car's floor and use a pair of scissors to trim them off. The process is easy and straightforward; therefore, there is very little chance of damaging a car mat.