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Ute Drawer Systems: To Buy Or Customise?

Ute drawer systems are one of the most viable customisations you can have on your 4WD. The drawers allow you to organise items that could otherwise clutter your boot or pickup tray. 4WD owners that would want to install ute drawer systems in their trucks are often conflicted over whether to buy pre-built drawers or customise ute drawers. Below is a guide comparing pre-built ute drawers and customised ute drawers. 

Pre-Built 4WD Drawer Systems

Pre-built drawers are ideal when you need the drawers within a short period. Remember, customising the drawer could take a few days. Pre-built drawers are also suitable if you are inclined towards a specific drawer system. For instance, it could be you saw the drawers on the internet or in a friends 4WD. Consider the following when buying a pre-built 4WD drawer system: 

  1. Check the reputation of the manufacturer. Good reviews are an indication that you will buy a durable drawer system. Ideally, go for drawers that have a warranty.
  2. Go for functional designs and configurations. For example, you could need extra features such as a bench, refrigerator or stove storage.
  3. Assess the weight limits of the drawer system. If possible, go for drawers with considerable weight limits to accommodate your future needs.
  4. Consider crash-tested drawers that have locks to protect your items from accident damage and thieves.
  5. What construction material suits your needs? Although wood absorbs sound, it is prone to humidity damage. Aluminium is lightweight but not as durable as steel. On the other hand, steel is heavy. 

Customised 4WD Drawer Systems 

Customised 4WD drawers are your best bet when you need the drawer system designed to suit specific needs. Additionally, customised drawers would be ideal for people with rare vehicles whose dimensions are not similar to those of the standard 4WDs. 

Some people would want to attempt DIY projects. However, it is advisable that you engage the services of an experienced ute drawer customisation company. These companies have the tools and expertise required to ensure the structural integrity of the drawer. It guarantees a durable system that will not get damaged as you drive through rough terrain. The drawer should be designed in such a way that you can detach it when you want to clean the 4WD. Remember to compare quotes from a few companies to identify reasonably priced companies. 

You should now have an easy time deciding whether to buy or customise a ute drawer system for your 4WD. Ultimately, consider drawers manufactured or customised by experienced and reputable companies. 

To learn more, contact a ute drawer system supplier.