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3 Ways a Single Axle Trainer Saves You Money

If you're looking to buy a new trailer, then you might be torn between single or dual axle models. If a single axle trailer can do the jobs you need, then you might not need to upgrade. In fact, sticking with one axle could save you money. How?

1. Reduce Your Purchase Cost

Dual axle trailers usually cost more than single axle models because you are buying a more complex machine. It has more parts, such as extra wheels and bearings. Some trailers also have more complicated and expensive systems onboard like suspensions and brakes.

A single axle trailer has a basic construction. It has one set of wheels and, unless you go for a high-end model, it has fewer complicated parts. So, you can buy this kind of model more cheaply. If you don't need a dual axle model, this makes better financial sense.

2. Reduce Your Running Costs

Dual axle trailers tend to be heavy. They have more parts, and they are designed to carry heavier loads. The heavier a trailer is, the more it affects the vehicle that pulls it. So, for example, if you use your car to pull a dual axle trailer, then the trailer drags on the vehicle more. This drag affects your fuel economy. You'll use more fuel to go shorter distances, and your costs will increase.

Single axle trailers are lighter. They don't put such a high bearing load on their vehicles. So, your fuel economy won't dip as much. You'll save money on fuel costs when you use the trailer.

3. Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

The fact that dual axle trailers have more parts increases your potential maintenance and repair jobs. The more parts a trailer has, the more things can go wrong. For example, you'll have four wheels to look after rather than the two you'd have with a single axle unit.

Plus, if you buy a trailer with complex braking and suspension systems, then your maintenance and repair costs might increase if something goes wrong. These kinds of parts are more expensive to maintain and repair than the basic parts you get on a single axle.

A single axle trailer has fewer parts. Any maintenance work you have is likely to be quicker, easier and more cost-effective. You won't spend as much looking after the trailer.

To find out more about using single axle trailers, contact trailer suppliers. They can help you choose the right model for your vehicle and load needs.