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Top Benefits of Modular Roof Racks

A roof rack can transform a standard SUV from a family vehicle to an adventure-ready car. A roof rack allows you to carry more luggage, making it a must-have car accessory for adventure lovers. Notably, different types of roof racks exist in the market, making purchasing tricky. Despite this, some roof racks stand tall among the rest, and the modular design is an excellent example.

Modular roof racks are popular among motorists solely because of the many benefits. This article highlights just some of the reasons modular roof racks have an edge over other designs.

Accommodate Uniquely Shaped Items

Roof racks can accommodate different types of luggage, ranging from bags and boats to furniture and ladders. However, the problem arises when you want to pack items with non-standardised dimensions. It is challenging to secure such items in a standard roof rack properly. However, modular roof racks eliminate the challenge since you can easily create space by detaching some roof bars. It makes it easy to load any luggage regardless of symmetry, shape, or size. The feature comes in handy in cases where you might be forced to leave an essential item behind when going camping.

Adjustable Size

Sometimes, you want to carry a few items for an afternoon of fishing with your nephew. Since you only need a few supplies, such as fishing rods, a cooler, and a chair, a bigger portion of your roof rack will be left unused. While there is nothing wrong with a partially empty roof rack, reducing its size to accommodate the items you need is beneficial. For instance, a smaller or narrow roof rack offers less resistance, leading to fuel efficiency. If you are going for a long trip, the savings can quickly rack up.

Compatible with Numerous Accessories

Dealers often advise customers to invest in roof rack accessories. While the advice might sound like a sales pitch, roof rack accessories are not a bad thing. Notably, a roof rack should make loading, securing, and unloading of luggage easy. While quality and well-designed roof racks offer convenience, accessories can still help you get the most out of a roof rack. This is where modular roof racks thrive because most designs are compatible with various accessories. For example, if you want a bar wind reflector but all you can find are smaller versions, you can move roof rack bars around to provide anchoring.  

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