How to Accessorise Your Car

Tips for Buying 5 Types of 4x4 Accessories

If you are an off-roading enthusiast, you probably own a 4×4. You can significantly improve the performance and functionality of your 4WD by installing aftermarket accessories. The excerpt below discusses the various 4x4 accessories you should consider and the considerations to make when buying them. 

1. Suspension Components

You may want to upgrade manufacturer suspension components such as the shock absorbers, coil springs, bushes, and torsion bars. When buying these parts, conduct thorough research to establish the parts that fit your car and the durability of your desired components. Online reviews and your mechanic can be a reliable source of this information. 

Lift kits would be ideal when you want to increase the ground clearance of the vehicle. The underlying principle of lift kits is ensuring the installed lift kit meets your needs. For instance, body and levelling kits are ideal when you intend to raise the vehicle by a few inches. Suspension lift kits, on the other hand, can raise the 4WD by several feet. 

2. Ute Drawer Systems

Ute drawer systems are an instant solution for people who are worried about disorganisation in their vehicles. The drawers consist of several compartments and can be installed at the back of your SUV or on your pickup tray. When buying a ute drawer system, assess its build quality to establish its durability. Additionally, examine its weight limits, design, and ease of installation. If possible, the drawer should be crash tested. 

3. Emergency Kits

Emergency and survival kits will alleviate your suffering if your vehicle breaks down, crashes, or gets stuck while on your off-road trip. Vehicle recovery equipment could include heavy-duty winches, emergency triangles, recovery tracks, and tire chains. You could also need emergency equipment such as LED lighting, first aid boxes, and shovels. 

4. Camping Equipment

If you will spend several days on the road, you could opt to purchase camping gear. For instance, an awning will provide shade to erect your tent or take an afternoon nap. Other essential camping types of equipment include cooking equipment, portable bathrooms, and folding chairs. You could also include a freshwater tank underneath your vehicle to ensure you do not have a water shortage as you travel. 

5. Engine Performance Parts

There is a wide range of engine performance parts that can convert your 4WD to an off-road beast. For instance, you could install performance air and fuel intake systems, a larger turbo, high-quality spark plugs, and a performance exhaust. Alternatively, you could conduct an engine overhaul and change the transmission system if you need significant power increments. 

4WD accessories include suspension components, ute drawer systems, emergency kits, camping equipment, and engine performance parts.