3 Ways a Single Axle Trainer Saves You Money

If you're looking to buy a new trailer, then you might be torn between single or dual axle models. If a single axle trailer can do the jobs you need, then you might not need to upgrade. In fact, sticking with one axle could save you money. How? 1. Reduce Your Purchase Cost Dual axle trailers usually cost more than single axle models because you are buying a more complex machine. [Read More]

Ute Drawer Systems: To Buy Or Customise?

Ute drawer systems are one of the most viable customisations you can have on your 4WD. The drawers allow you to organise items that could otherwise clutter your boot or pickup tray. 4WD owners that would want to install ute drawer systems in their trucks are often conflicted over whether to buy pre-built drawers or customise ute drawers. Below is a guide comparing pre-built ute drawers and customised ute drawers.  [Read More]

Top Features to Look for in Off-Road Floor Mats

Off-roaders eventually track mess back into the cabin of their 4WD vehicle. Therefore, floor mats are necessary accessories since they prevent faster wear of a car carpet. Notably, some off-roaders believe that all floor mats are the same; However, nothing could be further from the truth because off-road cars need special mats to withstand rough conditions. This article highlights essential features to look for in off-road car floor mats. Deep Treads [Read More]

Are you taking care of your exhaust?

Keeping your car in great condition with regular maintenance is vital since you rely on it for so many of your daily activities. One aspect of your car maintenance and repair that you can't afford to neglect is your exhaust. Without a properly fitted exhaust, your car cannot legally operate, so when you need to fit a new exhaust, it is important that you get it right. An incorrectly fitted exhaust could lead to a leaking gasket or, even more worrying, the bolts working loose while you are driving down the road. [Read More]